Gut Basthorst

Gut Basthorst

There is barely any event which would not be realizable at Gut Basthorst near Hamburg. At this location your wishes and images will be dealt with original ideas and a lot of creativity.

Besides, the events are not only restricted on the inside area. On the extensive property area numerous actions can be organised. Of course, you and your guests can give free rein to your thoughts in the nice nature.

As an interesting supporting programme in your event we offer a visit of the art craftsmen who are active on the property. It is also worthwhile to throw a look at the neo-Gothic patronage church. On inquiry a hunt can be organised with pleasure.

Children can let off steam in the fairy tale workshop or in a log cabin in the Stürzenwald belonging to the property. They can also spend the night in groups in the log cabin.

The splendid scenery of the property does not only attract art creators and cultural creators. Also TV producers and film producers have discovered the area and the rooms. The property is predestined for open-air performances, exhibitions and concerts.

Specific to subject and seasonal markets round the picture of the Gut Basthorst as a many-sided meeting place.

In short, an event on property Gut Basthorst is always a prominent, impressive and unforgettable experience.

Gut Basthorst

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Freiherr von Ruffin´sche Verwaltung
Auf dem Gut 3
21493 Basthorst

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