On the premises of the “Edelfettwerk” a club has been designed which has not existed in Hamburg in such extension before. On the 6,000 sqm industrial area the former facilities  were reconstructed into free accessible bars and dancefloors, where each visitor may find his favourite retreat. This is based on the various musicstyles and interior equipments in the different special locations of the buildings where the character of the good old days of the factory could be preserved. The location “Edelfettwerk” is unique and especially proper for major events. It offers innumerous possibilities for events of all kinds.

In the center of the special location “Edelfettwerk” you can find its landmark: an old tower where in former times the refinement of the shortenings was done. Two smaller bars on two floors invite you here for a round view by night behind new glazed fronts. In summer nights the entry to the roof terrace of the special location “Edelfettwerk” is open – a real highlight for your special event or major event in the “Edelfettwerk”.

In the alongside manufacturing facilities more bar areas have grown. Where you formerly could find the warehouses and the laboratories the dancefloors of the special location “Edelfettwerk” have been built. They became the playground of national and international DJ’s. From Electro via Drum’n Bass up to Techno all electronic soundscapes have their home in the special location “Edelfettwerk”.

The special locations in the “Edelfettwerk”:

Eventlocation Big Hall:
The main hall of the “Edelfettwerk” is located in the former warehouse. The original character of the building still exists through the high walls of the old building. Like a church the big hall consists of a phenomenal central aisle and two lower aisles.

Eventlocation Orange Lounge
In today’s Orange Lounge there formerly stood the machines for the manufacturing of precious shortenings. The special designed areas for bars and seats made of orange coloured synthetic leather invite you to stay.  Indirect illumination and damped music provide for a relaxing atmosphere.

Eventlocation Green Lounge:
Where in former times hard fats were produced today soft light and platforms with broad seats and beanbags made of green synthetic leather provide for a good atmosphere for the visitors. Big mahagony panels cover the walls and windows of the old production facility.

Eventlocation Tower:
Far in sight the landmark of the “Edelfettwerk”, the tower, shows the visitors their way. In the 14 meter high building formerly there was the esterification of the precious shortening factory.

Experience with your guests unique events and major events in the special location “Edelfettwerk” in Hamburg. We look forward to seeing you.


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