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Herzblut St. Pauli

Herzblut St. Pauli

The HERZBLUT Saint Pauli - a classic of "Casual Dining" in Hamburg! 

Beside the HERZBLUT team it is the space feeling created by the star designer Jordan Mozer which lets the visitor feel warmth and liveliness. By the use of a lot of wood and warm physical colours for the materials, with the distributed clarity of metal the designer has succeeded in creating a harmonious structure. Already since February, 2002 the HERZBLUT Saint Pauli, conceptually seen, represents that company type which belongs in the USA to the most successful and up-growing genres: "Upscale Casual Dining". The informal mixture of fine dining and casual dining elements is a characteristic feature.

Tasty food in the red-light district – does this exist?

Yes, from the guests you hear again and again: "Really tasty food and everybody have become full and more than that!" On 7 days in the week Chef Mathias Will provides with his crew for the bodily welfare of the "Reeperbahn slowpokes". With regional dishes, as for example the "Hamburger Pannfisch" and international classics, as for example the "Pimp steak" the culinary crew provides for unexpected taste joys. The tasty menu is complemented with monthly varying action maps, cooking courses as well as special cooking events.

Quality is a basic condition for contented guests. Thus it does not surprise that the chef Mathias Will renounces basically the use of genetic-manipulated food and strictly pays attention to the fact that the HACCP order as well as the EU-hygiene directives are kept.

"Sex on the beach" - or of what women dream! ;)

Yes, the cocktail "Sex on the beach" is really a big seller of the ladies. Men order rather a "Saint Pauli killer" or a"Hanibal Lecter". Joanis Michailidis, bar boss of the HERZBLUT Saint Pauli and his team inspire their guests with exotic and fresh cocktail creations. Thus there are more than 50 cocktails in the regular offer complemented with additional actions, as for example the “cocktail of the month”. Joanis Michailidis is especially proud of the fact that at his bar only so-called A-brands are used which means only brand products. And even in the Happy Hour! 

Celebrate parties till the doctor comes!

Mainly on the week-end the HERZBLUT Saint Pauli changes from 23.00 o'clock into a party and event location. Events, as for example the "Lady Coyote Party", the "Heart Attack", the "Ostival of love" or the "HERZBLUT Karaoke Party" have announced the location nationally. Up to 500 people celebrate on these days playfully till the early morning hours. 

For whom is the HERZBLUT Saint Pauli suited as a venue?

For all organizers who search an unusual location in the heart of Hamburg. Despicable, dubious surroundings, the so-called "red-light environment", combined with unusually professional hospitality provide for experiences of which the participants will still speak long. 

Up to 500 people can celebrate on 307 m² of guest surface. An adequate catering with tasty dishes is possible for up to 350 people. Technically seen many professional organizers dream of the opportunities offered at the HERZBLUT Saint Pauli. Two video projectors, two big screens, wireless LAN, stream connections without end as well as in all strengths, a fat lighting system and sound arrangement let the hearts of event engineers beat always faster.

Become curious?

Well, give us immediately a call under: +49 (0) 40 - 333 969 33 in order to save this thrilling location for your event.

Mr. Thomas Jankowski is your contact from Mondays to Fridays from 10.00 o'clock and he will be glad to receiving your phone call.


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Herzblut St. Pauli
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