Schuppen 52 in Hamburg

Schuppen 52 in Hamburg

Schuppen 52 – celebrating major events in a unique atmosphere

The impressive event hall, „Schuppen 52“is individually adjustable depending on the amount of guests that it is holding. It is the perfect setting for any kind of major event, be it for product novelties, fairs, gala dinners, screening and concerts. Additionally, the event hall offers the ideal place for launching congresses, workshops and conferences, all in all in an extraordinary atmosphere.

The “Schuppen 52” is directly situated at the harbor and is easily accessible just a few minutes drive away from the city center of Hamburg and the freeway, the German autobahn. The lavishly refurbished and modernly equipped location is especially suitable for major events. With its interior area of 6.000 m², it offers space for up to 3.000 guests. The incomparably atmosphere in the “Schuppen 52” reflects a century of history at the harbor in Hamburg and life on the ocean waves.

The unique monument was built a century ago and only two decades ago the place was a major transshipment point for goods from all over the world. Nowadays, the event hall is one of the most extraordinary places for major events in Hamburg. The impressive warehouse on the quay, from the time of the Emperor, is one of the few locations that are still well preserved and is the only one available for launching exclusive events and celebrations of all kind. You can book the facility „Schuppen 52“ by contacting Gerresheim Serviert GmbH.

The„Schuppen 52“ – the special location of the absolute superlative

The „Schuppen 52“ complies with all technical requirements—from kitchen and sanitary facilities, a modern heating system, water and power supply, IT network to large doors and heavy endurance flooring that allow access for heavy goods vehicles. In case your guests want to reach the location by boat there are berthing places in close proximity available. Additionally, “Schuppen 52“offers a wide parking area for guests that reach the location by car.

Schuppen 52 in Hamburg

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